Target Discovery

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For the first time in human history, we can study human cancers in their native microenvironments:
  • Breast cancer in human breast tissue
  • Prostate cancer in human periprostatic fat
  • Colon cancer in human pericolonic fat
  • Peritoneal metastases in human peritoneal fat (e.g. mesentery, omentum)
Kelion Technology unlocks the in vivo phenotypes of these human cancers. For example:
  • Lipid-driven metabolism and metabolic reprogramming
  • Dynamic, complex interactions between cancer and immune cells, stromal cells, perivascular cells, stem cells
  • Cancer-driven remodeling of the tumor microenvironment, including the fully intact extracellular matrix
  • Cancer, immune system, microbiome interactions
We offer the full breadth of experimental customization. Clients can select:
  • Demographics and medical comorbidities of tissue donors
  • Cancer models from cell lines to organoids/spheroids, to patient-derived xenografts
  • Duration of experiments; our models are stable for at least 8 weeks in culture

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