OncoScreen Personalized Solutions

Your tissue. Your results. Peace of mind.

OncoScreen is a clinical laboratory test that identifies the most effective therapies for an individual patient’s tumor (pharmacophenotyping). In brief, pieces of a patient’s tumor are cultured within the tumor’s native breast tissue microenvironment. These entirely patient-derived tumor models are tested for resistance and sensitivity to a panel of treatments selected by the patient’s doctor.

OncoScreen provides results in 4 to 14 days from the time of tumor excision. This rapid turnaround is crucial for the results to be clinically actionable because cancer treatment typically starts 6-8 weeks after tumor excision. Model production is completed within 24 hours of tumor excision. Treatment of the models with candidate therapies requires 2-5 days, depending on the specific agents being tested. Analysis is completed in 1-7 days, again depending on the specific agent and desired readouts.

How Are We Different?

Utilizing Kelion Tech, OncoScreen captures the response of the tumor and its microenvironment. This allows for patients, with the help of their physicians, to choose their best treatment journey based on data from their own tissue. Human testing without human subjects.

The Kelion Process